How Do You Read a Thermometer?


How to read a thermometer would depend on the type of thermometer. One way would be to look at the numbers that are printed on a thermometer that gives you numbers. The other way would be to look at where the mercury ends and by what number that it ends on.
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How to Read a Thermometer
Whether you are a gardener deciding when the ground is ready to plant, a parent with a sick child or you just want to gauge today's weather for purposes of selecting clothes and activities, knowing how to read a thermometer comes in handy. An average... More »
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A thermometer is an instrument that is used to take a measurement of the temperature. Always make sure that you hold the thermometer vertical when you want to read it. You can find
1. Read a rectal thermometer the same way you would read an oral thermometer. Essentially they are the same tool, it's just that the temperature is taken from different parts of the
Reading a Maximum - Minimum Thermometer. Each side is read at the bottom of the marker that has been pushed upward since the last reading. Don't read the colored fluid where it is
A digital thermometer is a modern version of a thermometer, which is an instrument that measures temperature. It senses temperature by a device called thermoresister which by the
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You can read a mercury thermometer by these steps; to take a body temperature, shake the thermometer until it reads 96 degrees or below. Read the temperature by ...
A Galileo thermometer is a glass tube with liquid inside. Suspended in the liquid are small glass vessels. Each one of these vessels is a different density and ...
To read a minimum and maximum thermometer, examine the float on the thermometer. They have some mechanism that will cause them to stick at their highest level ...
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