How Do You Read Latitude and Longitude?


To read longitude and latitude start at the equator. The equator starts at 0 degrees, it is the halfway point for the north and south poles. Latitude lines run north and south whereas longitude lines run east and west. You can find more information here:
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To read latitude and longitude, you need to understand what the numbers, letters, and symbols mean. If you learn this, you will be able to read any latitude or longitude coordinates.You
1. Take a latitude and longitude reading of 30° 60′ 10" S, 21° 50′ 15" W. By unscrambling this quadrant you can read this as 30 degrees 60 minutes 10
Through referring at a Globe.
Longitude is the geographic coordinate most commonly used in cartography and
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When you are looking at directions, you will often hear the terms longitude and latitude. You can think of longitude as north and south. Latitude on the other ...
Latitude and Longitude points are used to give precise and absolute locations. They are read in degrees, minutes and seconds. For Latitude, the reading is to the ...
Longitude and latitude are basically coordinates on a map. They mark the spot on the map where something is located. They are like the X and Y of a graph and where ...
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