How Do You Refinish a Fiberglass Door?


You can refurnish a fiberglass door by first removing the doorknob or handle and protecting the hinges using a masking tape. Clean the door using warm water with dish soap and dry it well using a clean towel. Apply a thin layer of the topcoat starting at the top of the door while working your way down going with the grain. When the first coat dries apply more three coats for the finish look.
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1. Take off the doorknob or handle-you'll most likely be able to do this with a simple hand-held screwdriver. If you have a power screwdriver, however, it will be easier. 2. Cover
Fiberglass won't take stain. You need to get all the flaking paint off, scuff the surface and then paint with an enamel type paint. A yacht supply store will set you up.
I would be concerned with the rust spots. Are you sure it is a fiberglass door? Have you checked it with a magnet to be sure? I would do that before I decided on a procedure to refinish
Insulation from a fiberglass entry door is better
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How to Refinish a Fiberglass Door
Fiberglass doors are very durable, but the top coat finish usually wears down after a few years. This is especially true of exterior doors, which are exposed to the elements. This can leave the door looking old and worn. Fortunately, all you usually need... More »
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There are numerous steps you can take to refinish a fibre glass door. These include: clean the surface with warm water and mild detergent and then strip off the old paint by applying a paint remover. Cover the door's handles and hinges and then apply an oil-based gel stain along the grain. Leave to dry for 48 hours and then apply a clear topcoat. You can apply a number of coats later to your desired thickness.
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