How to Remove a Hickie?


There is no way to just remove a hickey in an instant. A hickey is a bruise, or where blood has pooled under the skin because a blood vessel was broken. Try a sage tea compress for an hour or overnight to speed up your healing time.
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1. Try the frozen spoon method. Put a spoon in the freezer and let it get really cold. Rub the cold spoon against the hickey. You’ll need to apply pressure while doing this
1. Determine where in the sheet the hickey is located so that you know where to remove it. For example, unit number one, lower side, on plate, gear side. 2. Stop the offset press.
Immediately apply ice to the afflicted area. Massage the hicky area to encourage blood to disperse. If
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There isn't a removal method for a hickey. A hickey appears when blood vessels are broken and won't go away until those blood vessels are healed. You can, however ...
A hickey is a bruise and generally it just has to heal like any other bruise over time. You can apply ice to help break up the blood and that may help it fade ...
Unfortunately, you can't remove a hickey. Hickey's are sort of like a bruise, and I don't mean just the fact that they look similar, either. They both take some ...
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