How do you remove ChapStick stains from clothes?


Removing ChapStick stains from clothing involves scraping away any excess lip balm remaining on the cloth, treating the fabric with a prewash stain remover and washing as usual. Avoiding machine drying the garment until the stain is gone prevents heat setting the stain. If the stain remains after air drying, repeat the prewash treatment and wash cycle until it is gone.

Good Housekeeping also suggests blotting any stain remaining after the first laundering of the garment, using a dry cleaning solution and white cloth. They recommend continuing to blot with dry portions of the cloth until the stain disappears. suggests using WD-40 to dissolve the stain and dishwashing detergent to remove the oily stain left by the WD-40. They recommend placing a folded, color free paper towel behind the stained portion, spraying the solvent onto a clean white cloth and dabbing the stain from the front and back. Rubbing dishwashing liquid into the stain loosens it so the paper towel absorbs it. Once the stain disappears, laundering the garment according to the label directions should remove any remaining traces.

Garments with a "Dry Clean Only" label require the services of a professional dry cleaner. Pointing out the stain before cleaning allows the dry cleaning specialist to pretreat before dry cleaning, improving the chances the stain is removed.

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