How do You Remove Chapstick from Clothes?


A quick and inexpensive way to remove chapstick from clothing is with Pine-sol. Believe it or not you can use Pine-sol for laundry. Just pour a little of the Pine-sol on the chapstick stain and let sit for about an hour. Then wash as directed and the chapstick should disappear.
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1. The edge of a spoon removes Chapstick without damaging the fabric. Scrape off excess Chapstick lip balm from your clothing. Use the edge of a spoon to remove the waxy substance
Chapstick can be removed from clothes by picking it off like wax or
Since the stain sounds bad you maybe best to try dry-cleaning fluid first - you can buy it at larger grocery stores. If the Chap Stick has no color you could treat it like an oil
You will need to iron them out. To do this you just place a paper towel over the area and start ironing, move the papertowel around. It will take many times but I'm thinking it is
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