How Do You Remove Security Tags from Clothes?


To remove security tags from clothing you dissolve the top of the tag with a lighter for some seconds and then scratch away the burnt plastic with a pocket knife. Pry out the two to three exposed bearings with the knife. Slide the two sides of the tag apart and remove the security tag from the clothing.
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It is difficult to remove the security tag. Get a lighter and use it to melt the top of the tag for 15 to 30 seconds. Then scrape away the burnt plastic. Remove the two or three exposed bearings with the knife. Removing them frees the pin hence it slides out. Slide the two sides of the tag apart. Handle this part gently since the ink is usually contained in the back of the tag.
There are several methods you can use to remove security tags from clothing. One way is to cut it off using a dremel or a thin wire cutter but be careful not to ruin the clothing. You can also use a rubber band by wrapping it around the pin and once it loosens pull out the tag.
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