How Do You Remove Static from Clothes?


To remove static from your clothes, wet your hands slightly and brush them over the surface of your clothing, if you are wearing them. Additionally, remove your clothes from the dryer when they are just barely dry since over drying is the main cause of static.
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How to Remove Static From Clothes
Static on clothing is annoying and can also cause painful shocks. Clothes made from synthetic materials, such as polyester or nylon, are extra prone to static, but other materials can develop static electricity as well. Using both a fabric softener in... More »
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One can remove static form clothes in so many ways; one can use a fabric softener sheet in the dryer or wet hands before removing them or folding laundry.
Static in the laundry occurs when negative and positive charged electrons in fabrics become attracted through friction in the dryer. To remove static from clothes, use dryer sheets which are disposable fabric sheets that have been coated with chemicals. When the sheets become hot in the dryer, the chemicals transfer from the sheets to the surface of the clothing, preventing static.
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