How Do You Remove the Child Lock on a Microwave?


You can remove the Child Lock on a Microwave by pressing the Stop/Reset button three times consecutively. First, make sure the microwave is connected to a power source. Make sure there is no electricity leakage to avoid shock.
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1. Plug the microwave into an electrical outlet if necessary. Make sure the plug is secure in the outlet. 2. Press the "Stop/Reset" button three times in a row. This should
Press lock button for 5-8 seconds or press lock button 4-5 time continuously. Then lock menu will be appear, it will show lock in ON. Use volume key to make it off :
Well the instructions for Model R420E and R630 has the same instructions so this might work for you. To set, touch Custom Help, the number 1 and START/. Touch On. Should a setting
March 2009 press the function key,select option #5, select option#2. This should take it out of child lock. If this doesn't work enclose your model number and I will try to look up
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