How Do You Remove Water Marks from Marble?


Before you do anything, use a little dish soap and a clean damp rag to remove water marks from marble. Then dry the surface. If there is still water marks, dip the edge of a clean rag into white vinegar and gently scrub away the marks, repeating as necessary. Rinse the rag and wipe the marble with the rag and then a dry cloth to prevent spotting.
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1. Drizzle a few drops of dish soap over a damp cleaning rag. Scrub over the marble surface to remove fresh water marks or light spots of the hazy residue. 2. Wipe with a damp cloth
1. Prepare a piece of white silk. Cut into a square shape, making it a size suitable for holding and rubbing with. Ad. 2. Rub the clean white silk over the the water stain on the
You need the marble polish stuff that they use when installing marble. Call a place that does marble counter tops. They most likely sell the stuff.
You could try this link, it seem's to cover what you need..…
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How to Remove Water Marks From Marble
Marble is an elegant stone found in many luxury homes, often as a bathroom vanity, shower or countertop. These surfaces commonly collect water that splashes onto the marble surface, and when you allow the water to air dry you typically get left with... More »
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