How Do You Reset a Mac OS X Laptop When You Lose the Password?


In order to reset a Mac OS X laptop when you lose your password you would need a OS X CD. If you don't have it then you will need to create a new admin account; first you will need to reboot then hold apple plus s down after you hear the chime and when a text screen comes up enter the terminal commands mount-uw, rm/var/db/. applesetupdone and shutdown-h now. After you reboot you should have a new admin account.
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1. Load the Install disc in your computer's optical drive. Go to the "Apple" menu and select "Restart. Press the "Restart" button in the pop-up window. 2.
1 Go to the Apple menu in the upper right hand side of the screen and click "Log out username". Ad 2 On the accounts presented in the menu select the admin account and enter
There isn't a proper or an official way to recover Mac's lost
There is not really any other way of doing it. Why cant you use the install disk?
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