How Do You Reset Your Nintendo Ds?


To reset your Nintendo's lite, loosen the screw you will see on the DS Lite's battery compartment and take out the battery pack. Pop out the tab that is located at the top of the battery pack compartment. Leave the battery pack outside for approximately ten seconds and then return the pack back in place. Place the battery cover back. Turn on the DS lite and if it has rest it will prompt you to change your system settings.
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1. Power off and close the console. 2. Flip over the console so you can see the back panel. 3. Unscrew the small Phillips screw holding on the battery plate. 4. Remove the battery
To reset a Nintendo DS, simply remove the battery for about 10-30 seconds. All your saved
you have to press all the buttons so r l x y z a and all the arrow button before the main screen appears a question if you would erase all of you data and just say yes. NEW EDIT:
No, in order to completely reset the system, you will have to remove the battery and put it back in. The battery is located on the bottom of the ds behind a plastic plate being held
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To reset Nintendo DS, start by loosening the screw using the Phillips size 0 screwdrivers to remove the cover. Remove out the DS Lite's battery pack and leave it to pack out of the unit for at least 10 seconds. Replace the battery pack, push it back into place and put the battery compartment cover back on by sliding its tabs into the slots on the unit.
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