How Do You Rig a Wacky Worm?


Have a plastic worm to rig wackily, choosing on lengths between 4-8 inches. Use a 1/0 hook for 4-5 inch worms and 2/0 hook for larger ones. Hold the worm in your hand and rig it by sticking it by its exact middle to the hook.
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1. Select a worm to rig wacky style. The best have straight tails and range between 4 and 8 inches long. As a general rule, use natural or translucent colors in clear water and solid
Yum Dingers! My favorite worm! There are several methods to wacky worm. If you fly line the worm: You could let it sink to the bottom and lift your rod tip and let it sink again.
1 Slip a bullet sinker , preferably made from something other than lead, such as brass or ceramic, onto your line by inserting the line into the pointed end of the sinker . Ad 2 Tie
A Bass fishing lure technique with plastic worms is called the wacky rig. The hook is pierced
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To fish a Wacky Rig begin by pushing a nail into each end of a plastic worm. Then push the hook through the middle of the worm. Next tie the hook to your pole ...
To rig a rubber worm, youâ€â&dbquo;¢re going to use a rigging technique known as the ...
You will want to push the hook through the top of the worm, and slide the worm up the hook until it reaches the top. Then with the room you now have at the bottom ...
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