How do You Sanitize a Jacuzzi?


There are different was to sanitize a jacuzzi. I think the best way is to use chlorine and pool cleaner in the filter system. It will continually filter out any harmful toxins or chemicals.
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How to Sanitize a Jacuzzi
The chemical bromine is used to sanitize Jacuzzis and other hot tubs. Chlorine tablets (trichlor) aren't used, unlike in a swimming pool, because chlorine can be corrosive to the materials used in Jacuzzis. You must use a sanitizer on a regular basis to... More »
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To sanitize a jacuzzi, make sure you drain the water out first. Take the filter out and then rinse it under the sink in warm water. Fill a bucket with warm water and use a hot tub surface cleaner with a soft brush to scrub any scum you see. Next, clean the cover, inside and out, and use a clean, damp sponge to wipe out the surface of the tub and cover. Refill the jacuzzi properly with chlorinated water to the manufacturer's instructions.
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1. Drain the water from your hot tub. 2. Take out the filter and rinse it under the sink with warm water. Set it out in the sun to allow it to dry completely. 3. Fill a bucket with
The soothing water gives you can only be outmatched by the way it's delivered. Flowing with tantalizing abandon. Warming. Relaxing. Refreshening. Exactly the way you prefer it. Jacuzzi's
1. Add water to your jacuzzi until all jet openings are submerged. 2. Pour 2 cups white vinegar into the jacuzzi, and add 1/4 cup dishwasher detergent to the water. Do not use regular
1. Add 2.5 ounces of sodium dichlor for every 100 gallons of water in your Jacuzzi. 2. Turn on all the spa jets and pumps for one hour. Open all the air controls and place all the
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