How Do You Say Beautiful Girl in Italian?


To say beautiful girl in Italian you would say bella ragazza. You could also say you are very beautiful, which would be sei molto bella. Another good Italian phrase to learn is Ciao bella, which means hello pretty girl, or hello beautiful. There are many other Italian phrases related to love. For example, a girl could say sei molto bello to a guy, which means you are very handsome. Voglio bacciarti means I want to kiss you, and mi manchi means I miss you.
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Che bella' is an Italian phrase. When translated, it means 'what a beautiful girl'. Italian is one of the 3 romantic languages along with French and Spanish. ...
'Ciao bello' is an Italian phrase that means 'hello handsome' while 'ciao bella' means 'hello beautiful'. Ciao is an informal way of saying goodbye, so long, hello ...
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