How Do You Say Bon Appetit in Italian?


Bon Appetit is French for enjoy your meal. Everyone is quit clear on how much Italians' enjoy each and every meal. If you would like to say Bon Appetit in Italian, you would say buon appetito.
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According to various on-line translators... buono appetite
"Bon apetit" translated into Italian would be the phrase, "Bene diminuisce."
The Italian translation of the French phrase bon appetite is decente appetito. Thanks for 82ASKing!
Bon App�tit! � Flowergirl107 on Flickr A short prayer recited before a meal is common in most Eastern European countries, but even more traditional is to wish someone
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'Bon appetit' is French; the Italian translation is 'Buon appetito'. It means in both languages 'enjoy your food, lunch or dinner'. It is the English equal to ...
Bon Appetit means have a good meal, enjoy your meal or good appetite. Many persons say grace, a short prayer rehearsed before or after a meal to appeal a blessing ...
'Bon Appetit' is a French phrase that translates in English. It is a well-wish over a meal. The literal Italian translation is 'Bon Appetit'. They are the same ...
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