How Do You Say Bon Voyage in Italian?


Bon voyage is another way of saying have a good journey. The words 'bon voyage' are actually the French translation of have a good journey. There are many translations of this common phrase such as saying bon voyage in Italian as 'buon viaggio!' Bon voyage translated into other languages include the German equivalent of 'gute fahrt!' If you want to say bon voyage in Norwegian, you would say, 'god reise! or god tur!' If you want to express this in Spanish, you would say,'buen viaje!'
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i think you say : buono viaggio! Although I'm not sure about the spelling. i think you say : buono viaggio! Although I'm not sure about the spelling.'Bon_voya...
'Good luck' in Italian would be 'buona fortuna'. 'Bon voyage' which...
Have a safe flight.enjoy : EDIT: lol!I never thought I would be thumbed down for wishin someone a safe flight!TWICE!LMAO!
The literal translation of "Goodbye and Bon voyage" in Portuguese is "Adeus e boa viagem" Good day! report this answer. Updated on Thursday, February 02 2012 at
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