How do you say delicious in italian?


"Delizioso" is the Italian word for "delicious." If one is referring to a feminine noun, the ending changes to "-a": "deliziosa." For example, one says "deliziosa pasta" because "pasta" has a feminine ending and "delizioso gelato" because "gelato" has a masculine ending.

For plurals, one follows the normal rules for Italian plurals. For masculine nouns, the "-o" ending changes to "-i": "deliziosi gelati." Feminine endings change to a "-e" in the plural: "deliziose paste." Another word that Italians use to mean "delicious" is "squisito," which follows all the same rules for masculine, feminine and plurals as "delizioso." These words are etymologically related to the English words "delicious" and "exquisite."

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