How Do You Say Grandmother in Scottish?


Scottish Gaelic is the Celtic language spoken in the parts of the Highlands and Western Isles of Scotland. The Scottish Gaelic translation of grandmother is seanmhair.
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In Scottish Gaelic grandmother is shaenmhair Pronounced "hennæver"
Saying Merry Christmas in Scottish may be easier than you think! In Scotland, most people speak English, so you would simply say "Merry Christmas!"
1. Say "merry Christmas" or "happy holidays" in English when greeting residents of Scotland. The main language in Scotland is English, so the English expression
The Scottish word for Grandma is Seanmhair which is prounounced
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seanmhair ...
seanmhair, my grandmother is m'seanmhair, your grandmother is d'seanmhair. ...
There are 3 languages spoken throughout the Scottish country, English, Scottish, and Gaelic. The English word 'Grandmother' is translated into both Scottish and ...
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