How Do You Say Grandpa in Greek?


The phrase to say grandpa in Greek is pappous. You can also use the term popouli or mimi. The Greek phrase to say grandmother can be yiayia, bapo or yaya.
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In Greek language, the word "hello" is said as "Geia sou" or "Geia sas" or "Geia". In Pomak Language, the word "hello" is said as
In Spanish Grandfather is "el abuelo". Ole! Keep on ChaCha'ing!
PappousPapou is the word we used for our Greek Grandfather.It's pronounced "Pah-POOH"Papous, pronounced "pu-pool". For further information, Yaya is the greek word
1. Check the time. Greeks say "kalemera" as a morning greeting, "kalo apoyevma" to say "good afternoon, and "kalespera" to say "good evening.
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Papou is the word we used for Greek Grandfather. It's pronounced "Pah-POOH". ...
In Irish it's, Mamó (nana) Daideo (grandpa) ...
You say Grandpa in Italian as Nonno. The pronunciation of this word sounds just as it is spelled. You say Grandma is Italian as Nonna. ...
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