How Do You Say Happy Birthday in Greek?


In Greek, Happy Birthday is said as 'Eytyxismena Genethlia!' or Chronia Pola!. 'Chronia Pola' is a wish for the person to live many years, and is the most common saying during birthdays. To get the correct pronunciation, you can ask someone who can speak Greek fluently.
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Happy birthday in Greek is charoúmena genéthlia. This is written as ????????? ???????? in the Greek alphabet.
To say 'happy birthday' in Greek, you say ?Ÿƒ??Har??ƒ??mena gen???«thlia?Ÿƒ?? or ?Ÿƒ??Chronia Pola?Ÿƒ??. Greek uses a different alphabet in its native form. These are the translations based on English variation of the Greek alphabet.
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