How do you say "happy birthday" in Italian?


'Buon Compleanno!' is the way to say happy birthday in Italian. You could also say Bun Cumpleani! or At faz tent avguri ad bon cumplean! Wishing someone a happy birthday in his/her language would be great way to show that you appreciate him/her.
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Buon compleanno ('bwon kom-pleh-'an-noh) is Italian for Happy Birthday.
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Buon compleanno is how you say happy birthday to someone in Italian. However if you really want to impress them, you can sing the Happy Birthday song entirely in Italian. The wording is however slightly different depending on whether you are singing to a male or female. To get versions of the song, follow the following link:
Happy birthday is Buon Compleanno! The Italian language is spoken by about 62 million people
To say 'happy birthday' in Italian, you say ?Ÿƒ??Buon Compleanno?Ÿƒ??. The words are pronounced similarly to Spanish and French.
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