How Do You Say Happy Birthday in Russian?


Happy Birthday in Russian can be translated to 'S dniom razhdjenia' or 'Pazdravliayu s dniom razhdjenia'. The spelling is much different considering Russian has a different alphabet from the English alphabet. For more ways to say Happy Birthday in other languages visit Shabbir.
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С днем рождения (z 'dnyom razh-'de-nya) is Russian for Happy Birthday.
More Russian Vocab:
In the Russian language, happy birthday is pronounced as 'S dniom razhdjenia!' It is also said as 'Pazdravliayu s dniom razhdjenia' in some places. The wording is quite difficult but can be handled perfectly with aid from a Russian language teacher or DVD.
The phrase “Happy birthday” is translated to “S dniom razhdjenia! or Pazdravliayu s dniom razhdjenia!” in Russian. This is written as “? ???? ????????!“. The pronunciation needs a little practice for the English tongue but it gets easier to say with time.
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