How do you say happy holidays in japanese?


Saying happy holidays in Japanese is not common due to the fact they do not use the term. Although there is a way to say it which is Shiawase na kyujitsu.
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幸せな休日. Shiawase na kyūjitsu.
1. Trace with your pen or pencil the following traditional Japanese characters. ? This phrase is the closest approximation to \"Happy Holidays\" as its translation in Japanese
"Yoi go kyuuka woo sugo shi" is how you would say "happy holidays"
1. Determine which holiday it is. If you don't want to be specific, and want to generalize, then go to step 2. If it is Passover, say 'Pesach Sameach' For more information, see. this
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A person can learn to say happy holidays in many differnt languages with a little practice. In German, it's 'forhe feiertage', in South Africa it's 'ii holide ...
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