How Do You Say Have Fun in Italian?


Divertire is how you say have fun in Italian. Another phrase you may hear is lets go. When one is in a hurry and wants to get going they say, andiamo. If you are going out for a delicious dinner and have finished it up and feel full and you do not want any more, you would say, basta. This means enough. If you wish to know how much you owe, you will have to ask for how much the dinner cost. You can say this by saying quanto costa.
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There is much to do in Italy especially viewing historic sites. Though, Italians are known for their large appetites and great cooking. You may just want to try the food for fun.
Divertiti. ! if singular. You are talking to a single person. Divertitevi. ! if plural . You are talking to a two or more persons.
The translation for "this is fun" into Italian is "questo e divertente." Do you
1. Say "addio" as a general, somewhat informal way of saying "goodbye. The word is pronounced "ah-di-OH" with the accent on the final syllable. This form
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