How Do You Say Mom in Spanish?


The formal word for mom in spanish is, 'madre'. The casual word for mom in spanish is, 'mama or mami'.
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1 Pronounce madre as follows: MAH-dray Ad
Spanish is a beautiful rhythmic language. Practice the syllabic inflections of certain words and all will go well. An audio tape will help.
Literally: Mama caballo. But since a female horse is a 'mare' - yegua?
1. Learn gender endings. If you are referring to a woman or an object with a feminine ending (generally "a" then most adjectives will end in "a. If you are referring
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1. Pronounce madre as follows. : MAH-dray. 1. Pronounce mama as follows. : MAH-mah. ...
Here is how you would say 'send me some pictures of your mom' to Spanish. 'enviarme algunas fotos de su mama'. Try speaking it slower for them to understand ...
If you say my mum you say haha (hah-hah) but if you're talking about someone elses mum you say okaasan (oh-kaah-sahn). ...
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