How Do You Say Santa Claus in Brazil?


Santa Claus is a legendary mythical figure who supposedly brings gifts to good children on Christmas eve. He is referred to by different names across the different countries in the world. For example, he is referred to as 'Papa Noel' in Brazil.
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In Brazil Santa Claus is said as 'Papai noel', which means 'daddy Noel'. Brazil officially called the Federative Republic of Brazil is the biggest country in South America and in the Latin America province. It is the world's fifth largest country, both by geographical area and by population with over 193 million people.
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You say "Papai noel" which means "daddy Noel" ( Pa. as in Particular, i. as. ee. no. as no, el. as in Gabriel)
The Spanish name for "Santa Clause" is "Papa Noel" If you would like to say "Merry Christmas" in Spanish you would say "Feliz Navidad"
In Brazil they have a Santa Claus who is called Papai Noel. It is believed
There was this perverted joke I heard onetime about how do you now santa is a man... the answer was he comes in at night, eats your cookies, empties his sack and then leaves.....
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Brazil's Santa Claus is called Papai Noel or Father Noel, (Papai means "daddy" ...
Brazil's Santa Claus is called Papai Noel or Father Noel, (Papai means "daddy" ...
Santa Claus says that all the little girls and little boys around the world that are being good will get a present. He says Ho Ho Ho and Merry Christmas. ...
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