How do you say the seasons in french?


To say season in French you would say 'Saison'. The French often celebrate Christmas holidays by having their children leave shoes in front of the fireplace.
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If you would like to say "hi" or "hello" in French, say "bonjour," pronounced Bohn-jyour. Another common way to say hello is "Salut," pronounced
Bonne Annee ! This means have a good new year, because that's what they celebrate. The french don't take that much notice of christmas, but if forced they say Joyeux Noel.
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To say Fall in French you would use the word l'automne. This is the French translation of the English word of Autumn. ...
The seasons in French are; Le printemps for spring, L'été for summer, L' automne for autumn and L' hiver for winter. The French seasons are all equivalent ...
Common French sayings include quelle honte (what a shame), quelle heure est-il (what time is it), and d'ou venez-vous (where are you from). You can use a French ...
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