How Do You Say Will You Go to the Dance with Me in in Brazil?


The primary language spoken in Brazil is Portuguese. To say 'will you go to the dance with me' in Portuguese you would say 'voce vai ao baile comigo'.
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If you're addressing someone young with whom you've got a certain degree of friendship: "Como vai, cara?" If you know the person but not on a friend-like basis or is someone'how's_it...
That would be: ¿Cómo tu vida del fútbol va?
"A Brasile" is wrong. "Andare (to go) IN Brasile" is the right sentence, and the same goes for Sweden and for any other country. "Andare A scuola" (to
The literal translation would be 'Vuole andare al ballo su Halloween con me?' Good luck and have fun!
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Music and dancing are very important aspects of the Brazilian culture; in fact, some may say that they are the epitome of the Brazilian experience. Brazilian culture ...
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