How Do You Send a Message to Someone by Email?


Log in into your email account you have running ,compose the message out , accordingly punctuate it ; type out the destination email address and press the send button . Easy pie .
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If you would like to send spam email to someone, it is really quite simple to do so. If you know their email address, you could prank them by signing them up for emails directly on websites that offer daily or weekly newsletters. This can be anything from fashion websites to weight loss websites. Otherwise, you could try sending them chain mails, essentially emails with a message that get passed around to loads of people.
The way to send a message to someone by email is to first open the sender's email client, such as Yahoo!, AOL, Gmail, or Hotmail. From there, click in to the box to type in the email address of the person the message is going to. From there, type a subject in the Subject line. Then click below to begin the message. Once finished with the message, click Send, which is usually at the top of the page. The person will receive their email within a couple of minutes, depending on the email client.
First open your email program you are going to use to send the message. In the 'To:' field, type the email address of the person you are send the message too. Now go to the 'Subject:' line and type the title of your message. Now go to the large blank space below the subject line and type your message, after you are done click the 'Send' button. You have just sent a message to someone by email.
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