How Do You Send a Tweet to a Specific Person on Your Phone?


Begin the tweet with the @ mark and then follow it with their twitter name. For example, if your friends twitter name was JSMITH you would send the text to @JSMITH.
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Start your tweet with @username. Eg. @aplusk Yo Ashton, how's the wife?
1. Visit mobile. in your Android device’s mobile browser. Click the “Sign in” button in the top right hand corner. If you don’t already have a
Begin your tweet with "DM @username" of the user you want to send a private message to. DM stands for Direct Message. It's not that complicated but it did trip up Anthony
1. Tap the "Messages" icon on the iPhone's home screen. Tap the conversation that contains the message that you want to send to someone else to view the chat session. 2.
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