How Do You Send Text Messages to a Mobile from Facebook?


Facebook integrates your lifestyle with your online profile. Almost every aspect of Facebook is mobile-friendly. You can even easily send and receive messages on most cell phones. Go to the Facebook home page and sign in with the email address you registered with and your password Click on 'My Mobile' Select 'Learn More about Mobile Texts' for guidance on setting up your cell phone.
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1. Connect the computer to the Internet and go to (see Resources) 2. Type the mobile number that should receive the text message into the data field that says
It could cost you money depending on your phone
In general because SMS has never been an IP-based service. SMS came into existence with GSM (from the early '90s before the internet and IP were in mainstream use), and was later
1. Click on any of the Facebook website links listed in the Sources section of this article. Ad. 2. Navigate to the top-right corner of the web page, then click on the button labeled
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