How Do You Separate a Mixture of Sand and Sugar?


To separate a mixture of sand and sugar you add both to water and boil. You will dissolve the sugar this way. Pour the boiled water through a paper filter, like a coffee filter, and the sand will stay in the filter. Let the water evaporate and you will have the sugar crystals left.
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1. Weigh the sand/sugar mixture on a kitchen scale. For example, the mixture weight is 750 grams. 2. Estimate the volume of the water that should be used with the following formula.
Boil the mixture in water. Then put the solution through a coffee filter. This will separate the sand from the water, which will have the sugar dissolved in it. Then let the water
The sugar canbe dissolved in hot water and separated from the sand.
Mixtures are two different substances mixed together and you can separate them by mixing the sand and sugar in with water. Here the sugar will dissolve. You then need to get some
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How to Separate a Mixture of Sand and Sugar
The mixture of sand and sugar can be separated based on drastically different solubility of those components in water. The sand (silicon dioxide) is virtually insoluble. On contrary solubility of sugar reaches 487 g per 100 ml of water at 100 degree... More »
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