How Do You Separate Iron and Sulphur?


The mixture of iron and sulphur is chemically separated by magnetism without changing its properties. Since iron is highly magnetic and denser than sulphur, it easily sticks with the magnet, leaving behind the sulphur component of the mixture.
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1. Recognize the problem. Signs that indicate the presence of iron or sulphur bacteria in your water include a brown slime and a very unpleasant odor. The same measures will treat
use a magnet - the iron will attach itself to the magnet. Sulfur is not magnetic so it will remain behind.
how can you separate iron and sulphur: Use a magnet to filter it out. Put the magnet in a plastic bag so
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When iron fillings and sulphur powder are mixed they form a mixture but not a compound. The mixture can be separated by the use of a magnet where the iron filling ...
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