How Do You Separate Salt from Sand?


If you have a sand and salt mixture that you want to separate, add water and heat to the mixture until the salt dissolves. Remove the sand from the salty water. Allow the water to boil and evaporate away until you just have salt on the pan bottom.
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1. Fill a test tube about half-way with the sand-salt mixture. 2. Pour water into the test tube. Use enough water to completely submerge the sand-salt mixture. 3. Stir or shake the
disolve the mixture in water then filter out the sand. Dry out the salt water to get salt.
Put it in a pan with water. Heat the water until salt dissolves. Allow the sand to settle and boil
the salt dissolves in the water - so filter the salt water off and you have the sand on its own.# Now heat the salt water and you will be eventually be left with the salt as the water
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