How Do You Set a Combo on a Master Lock Set Your Own Combonation?


To set a combination on a MasterLock 'Set Your Own Combination' lock, the lock has to be in the open position, you need to insert the reset tool, set the wheels to new location and remove the set tool.
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1. Open the lock using the provided factory combination and remove the shackle. 2. Pull the metal end cap off. This is the only spring-loaded cap on the lock. 3. Remove all of the
I don't think it should be too difficult to work out- combination locks aren't very complicated. If you can't do it go back to the shop and ask for a replacement that has the instructions
The lock cannot be reset unless it is in the open position. If your lock
Technical Details. Set-your-own combination convenience. Resettable to allow for a personalized combination. steel shackle for strong cut resistance. Product Description. From the
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