How do you shrink a pre-shrunken t-shirt?


It is possible to shrink a preshrunk shirt. Soak the shirt in boiling water until the water has cooled down. Place the shirt into your washing machine and wash with soap, by itself, on the extra small load setting with the hottest water possible. Then place the shirt into a dryer and dry on the hottest setting the dryer has.
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Try drying it the dryer on high heat. It always works for me. :)
Things You'll Need: * Tea kettle * Preshrunk T-shirt * Washer * Laundry
Hot water can shrink your clothes depending on the fabric. Using a high washing temperature or drying a cotton shirt for too long may shrink it. report this answer. Updated on Thursday
I always note in my care instructions that even though we purchase "pre-shrunk" garments, we can not guarantee that they will not shrink. Whenever poss. I tell them that
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If the T-shirt is made of 100 percent cotton that is not pre-shrunk, boiling is effective for achieving shrinkage. In fact, expect your shirt to shrink up to two ...
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