How Do You Sign a Car Title over to Someone Else?


You can sign a car title over to someone else as long as you are the owner of the vehicle. In most cases you will both sign the back of the title and then the new owner will need to take the title to the local DMV to register the vehicle.
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1. Locate the current title. A car without a title cannot legally be sold for use on the road. If you’ve lost your title, you can obtain a new one for a small fee from the department
When you sign over your car title, it is like getting a payday loan. You will have high interest and a short time to pay it back. They will give you more time to pay back the loan
Switching the car title in
You're right. You are not your mother and can't sign her name. But I assume there is mail service between you so you could mail her the title and have her sign and mail it back. If
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