How Do You Size a Main Breaker?


To size a main breaker requires one to identify that a circuit breaker is usually sized to operate at no more than 80 percent of its rated capacity. Study that a circuit breaker is designed to carry its rated circuit load under continuous operation for three hours or more. Establish the total electrical load required for the circuit you are sizing. Compute the size of the circuit breaker needed to safely carry the load.
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Calculated load, determined by the amp draws of the attached equipment and maybe some allowances for future equipment.
Hi, You can install anything, up to a 125 amp. Just do not go any higher amperage then that. Anything lower will work just fine but will limit the current to the amount of the size
Hi Regina. For a 125amp load, the code requires that you use #1 copper wires. You can only get 1 #1 thhn wire in a 1" conduit. In order to get the required number of wires,
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