How do you spell "Chihuahua"?


The spelling of the word "Chihuahua" is not phonetic in the English language, but it is not difficult to spell once the word is examined closely. The repetitive "wah" sound is spelled "hua" both times within the word, so that the entire word is spelled "c-h-i-h-u-a-h-u-a."

The word "chihuahua" is purportedly a native word defined as "dry place" from a language since lost to its native Mexico. Chihuahua is both a state in northern Mexico as well as the state's capital city. It is also the name of a breed of small dog with roots in Mexico. The dog has smooth, straight hair, prominent eyes and oversized erect ears.

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The conventional spelling is Chihuahua.
[chi-wah-wah, -wuh]
a state in N Mexico. 94,831 sq. mi. (245,610 sq. km).
the capital of this state.
one of a Mexican or Aztec breed of very small dogs having either short or long hair of any one of a variety of colors.
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