How Do You Spell Counselor?


The way one would spell counselor is counselor. The term is used in various different realms of professions, but is more commonly used when practicing law. However, there are certain medical professionals who can also be considered counselors. These people often consult with patients about medical procedures or about possible medications they can take for various illnesses. Counselors are also very common in the social work field. Most schools also have counselors to aid their students.
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The conventional spelling is counselor.
a person who counsels; adviser.
a faculty member who advises students on personal and academic problems, career choices, and the like.
an assistant at a children's camp, often a high-school or college student, who supervises a group of children or directs a particular activity, as nature study or a sport.
a lawyer, especially a trial lawyer; counselor-at-law.
an official of an embassy or legation who ranks below an ambassador or minister.
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Counselors is the correct spelling.
You're spelling it correctly, counselor, meaning a person who gives advice or counseling.
You have it right, counselor. Hope this helps. Jacquelyn Mathis
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