How Do You Spell Fuschia?


Fuchsia is the name of a flower as well as a color. It is spelled fuchsia, not fuschia. The color is a very vivid, deep pink, with a hint of purple color. The Fuchsia plant has blooms that include both purple and deep pink petals.
Q&A Related to "How Do You Spell Fuschia?"
The spelling of the shade of pink is "fuchsia" - it is named after Leonhart Fuchs, a German physician.
The correct spelling is fuchsia. The color fuchsia is a dark
Fuchsia is a genus of flowering plants, identified by Charles Plumier in the late 17th century, and named after the German botanist Leonhart Fuchs.
Fuchsia is the correct spelling for the word meaning a dark purple-red color.
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