How do you spell this word ? geez or jeez?


The slang term 'Geez' is often mistakenly spelled J-E-E-Z. This term is commonly used by people, especially teens, to show their disbelief in a persons comments or actions for one reason or another. The word Geez is a shortened form of 'Jesus'.
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The correct spelling is geez. Cha
I spell it Geez. (like "gee whiz!") but it's a variant of jeez. Jeez in Etymology is a euphemism for Jesus. Here's a forum thread about it too.
Jeez(e). It is a corruption of Jesus, one of many. Gee, gee whiz(z)...geewhillikins is a fanciful substitute for Jerusalem. Most of these date back to the late 19th century. Jeez(
Used to express mild surprise, delight, dissatisfaction, or annoyance.
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