How do you spell the word that sounds like "too shay?"?


Often used to acknowledge a valid counter argument or contradictory statement, the word "touché" is a variant of the past participle of the French term "toucher," which simply means "to touch."

This same term is commonly used in the sport of fencing to acknowledge an opponent making contact. More commonly in daily speech, it is simply a way of ceding a point or giving a person their due when they've made a particularly clever comment. For written documents, the accent mark over the "e" is important. The same character can be entered on your keyboard using a combination of the alt key and the number keys 130.

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The French word is spelled. touché. It means "touch" It's a fencing term, and means that the tip of your foil touched the opponent, scoring a point. As a metaphor
The phrase is spelled 'Toushe' all day long!
Like this - touché. It is French for "touched". It originates from fencing - if your opponent touched you with his sword (meaning that in a serious fight he would
It's "touché, a score or a point in fencing, earned by the touch of a sword on the opponent's body. report this answer. Updated on Thursday, February 02 2012 at 11:20AM
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