How Do You Steep Tea Bags?


You can steep a tea bag by placing hot water in a cup with the tea bag in it. Never squeeze the tea bag and cover the cup with a plate during the steeping process. Steeping time depends on the tea.
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Warm enough water for a cup of tea, about 6-8 ounces either in a microwave on full power for about a minute and a half (not yet boiling) or in a tea kettle. The water needs to be
Brewing tea is an art. Start with a warm tea pot. Pour a bit of hot water in it to warm it up and then pour out. Fill the pot with the number of cups of boiling water you wish. Then
Steep in the context of a tea bag means to soak in water or other l...
1. Select your preferred tea. There's no limit to the types of tea you can buy. Choose from hundreds of types of green, black, white, red, and herbal teas, each with a different flavor
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Start out with a cup of hot water, then place a tea bag and let it sit. The tea is ready when it is dark. If you don't want to use tea bags then you can use a steeper that holds the fresh tea leaves and removes them. It is similar to a tea bag, but you can fill it with what ever kind you want and it is reusable.
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