How Do You Stiffen Leather?


There are several methods you can use to stiffen leather. They all end up using the same basic process. That is to get the leather wet and then have it dry at a rapid rate.
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1. Heat a pot of water to 356 degrees Fahrenheit. 2. Place your piece of leather in the pot for approximately 60 seconds. 3. Watch for the leather to darken, go limp and curl up.
Most people don't want a stiff glove, they want a softer glove.
Once the leather begins to form to your body and the leather begins to give in the areas where it has to flex with your movement, it's pretty hard to turn that process around. What
you could try using rubber cement to attach something firm onto the leather: like cardboard, posterboard, REAL thin wood [I don't even know if it is made thin] sheet metal might work
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How to Stiffen Leather
Leather is a popular material for clothing, shoes and other garments because of its durability and flexibility. It is created by tanning animal hides, generally from the skin of cows. Leather can be made so durable that medieval knights used to use it... More »
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