How Do You Stop the Cat Litter from Getting All in Your Home?


The best way to reduce the amount of cat litter that gets spilled out of the litter box is to purchase a covered litter box. Doing so will help to contain the litter when your cat uses the box and it will minimize the amount that spills out.
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1. Place a pad or newspapers under the cat litter box. Cat litter messes can be kept tidy by placing the cat litter box on top of newspapers or a potty pad. When your cat uses the
This may sound weird, but take the feces (poop) and put it in the litter box.
Try using only one brand of litter, use only a smaller amount put the whole litter box on a piece of "astro turf" so that when kitty gets out of the box, the texture of
Your cat may not like the litter type you use or
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1. Have your veterinarian screen your cat for any medical conditions. 2. Place litter boxes in the areas where your cat sprays. 3. Put down plastic, two-sided ...
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