How Do You Tag Yourself at a Place on Facebook?


To tag yourself on facebook irst, go to and login using your email address and password. Now you will see your Facebook home page, Now, look at the top and your will see a blue bar with the words Facebook, Home, Profile, Friends and Inbox. Click Friends. You will be sent to a page. Look to the left and find all connections and click it, Now you can see all of your friends. Scroll down and find the friend who uploaded the photo or photos of you. Click their name. Now you will be sent to their profile. Under their profile picture at the left, find View Photos .Click that. Now you will see photos of your friend. You will also see albums that they have added. Search through and find the picture of you. When you find it, look to the bottom right of the photo. Right under the name of the album, you will see Tag This Photo. Click that.Finally click your face. A menu will open up and find your name. Click your name and then click done tagging at the top right. Now the photo will show up in your profile as well once it is approved. If you want to tag other friends, repeat those steps except click their name while you are tagging.
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