How Do You Take Care of Baby Bunnies?


To care for newborn bunnies, place them in a box padded with a towel. Keep them in a quiet place and feed them Kitten Replacer Milk.
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If the mother rabbit is not caring for her babies, then it will be up to you to take her place. Baby rabbits need milk, so feed them Kitten Replacement Milk, also known as KRM. You
1. Remove the male from the cage when the baby bunnies are born. Not only will this leave more room for the mother and her babies, it will also prevent further breeding. Mother bunnies
Mamma Rabbit.
Hiya i remember when i needed to foster a baby rabbit i was told to get kitten formula and a oral syringe.Feed them that but i cant remember how long til they are weaned i hope somone
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There are quite a few things you need to do to take care of a newborn baby bunny. You will need to make the bunny a nest for it to live in, which you can use towels ...
You will have to find some place to keep them and something to keep them in. You can let them run around and try to potty train them to go where ever you choose ...
Any type of baby bunny will need a clean cage in a warm place. They like to eat vegetables and rabbit pellets. Be sure to keep them clean and give them fresh ...
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