How Do You Take off a Car Bumper?


Steps in taking off a car bumper largely depend on whether the bumper in question is in front or the rear. To take out the front bumper, first open the hood of the car by unscrewing the screws along the front centre of the car. This should be where the hood closes. Under the edge of the front car, at the end of the bumper, remove the screws and the plastic shield and do the same for the other side. Reach the behind the bumper at every corner to remove the bolts holding the corners of the bumper. To know how to take out the rear bumper, visit Ehow.
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How to Take Off a Car Bumper
Knowing how to take off a car bumper can be useful for a few reasons. Many car bumpers have scratches, cracked paint, lines in the paint or smudges that need to be repainted. Removing the bumper makes painting and repairing easier. Installing aftermarket... More »
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