Take Out an Injunction?


It is possible to take out an injunction without the help of a solicitor, although it is very expensive and fraught with very many procedural hardships. To begin, complain and report to the police about harassment that you are encountering in order to obtain an ASBO. You will need proof records of incidents to strengthen a course of conduct in that case.
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When taking out an injunction, it helps if you have physical evidence or witnesses who can support your case. You will need to get in touch with a solicitor in order to get an injunction done, as it can be a complex action to take. An injunction is usually issued by a judge, so you will have to appear in court at some point as well.
An injunction according to the law is a judicial remedy issued in order to prohibit a party from a specific course of action. An injunction is issued by the court, when it seems necessary to do so, although not granted against a minor (below 18years) who has no money or assets. The defendant who does not abide to it can be imprisoned for contempt of court.
To take out an injunction, you would have to consult with a lawyer if your plea has legal basis or not. Once your lawyer gives you a go-signal, you could go to court and file your injunction.
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